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Site News Changes!
Posted on 00:15:19 02/12/10 by Xerol
Edited 3 times, Last edited 00:19:13 02/12/10

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Today I'm implementing some of the long-planned features of hDot. First off you'll notice the vastly changed front page. This is the first step to allowing paid accounts.

The "my profile" block on the right now shows your daily bandwidth usage. All current accounts start with a 100MB daily quota, which goes up by 100KB every time someone views a page on the account. Hotlinked images and all file downloads will use up the quota. This is to bring more traffic into the site. Basically you'll have two options if you're a high-bandwidth user - Use hotlinked thumbnails to bring traffic in, or purchase additional quota.

The quota increase is permanent, and after a couple of weeks will be reduced to an amount based on your account level. Basically if you bring a lot of traffic into the site one time, you'll have a better bandwidth cushion for life.

Once all these features are implemented I'll be rolling out a paypal system for purchasing storage and bandwidth. Read on for an overview of available plans.

Preliminary hDot Pricing Tiers:

Basic200 MB50 MB$2.503 Months$10.00
Silver500 MB100 MB$4.506 Months$9.00
Gold1 GB250 MB$8.001 Year$8.00
Storage Addon
250 MB
500 MB
BW Addon
--50 MB
250 MB
600 MB


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