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Site NewsMinor Changes

The ad box in the upper right has been shrunk so it doesn't break the page on lower resolutions, a couple other ads have been moved around to maximize revenue, and some semi-working stylesheet things are now more-working. As always let me know if I broke something horribly.

Posted on 09:13:59 06/22/10 by Xerol | Read 95 times | 0 Comments
Site NewsFront Page Updates, Part III

I think that's mostly done. Everything's templated away and safe to use on multiple pages, all the image listings are updated (including most viewed today and all-time) with both the old tabular view and the new gallery view, file listings are only updated for the most downloaded pages (I'll probably get to the main file listing tomorrow). All of these pages are now (or will be, in the case of the master file list) under the same templates, so a lot of that weirdness as you went from pages styled ever-so-slightly differently should be gone soon.

Read more... | Posted on 20:25:19 06/01/10 by Xerol | Read 160 times | 0 Comments
Site NewsFront Page Updates, Part II

So yeah look over there on the left side of hDot, all the old image tables have been replaced with somewhat shiny new thumbnails for easier at-a-glance browsing of new/popular files. The functionality is written such that I can call it with a single line of code for any size of table (the thumbnails are fixed at 160x120) so expect to see more of this around the site soon.

I'm not sure exactly what to do with the file listing, though.

Posted on 17:08:52 06/01/10 by Xerol | Read 114 times | 0 Comments

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