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ClickDesk FAQ Updated for 2012!
I don't have time for a FAQ, where are the downloads?
The most recent version and the original version are farther down this page.
What is ClickDesk?
ClickDesk is a program that runs on most Windows machines and is somewhat Wine-compatible for Linux users. It's not a wallpaper, and each time you run it you'll get different results.
2009? 2010? What is this?
ClickDesk '09 is the original version of ClickDesk. This simply takes a screenshot of the screen as it is when you run the program, and then allows you to click to create cracks and bubbles on the image. Therefore it's similar to the "wallpaper" trick, except you don't have to hide the taskbar/desktop icons, since it uses the actual screen as seen prior to running the program.
ClickDesk 2010 is an enhanced version of the program that runs in an overlay mode, allowing the computer to be used normally while the screen is cracked. When you start it up, you'll get a pink screen. This is the overlay without anything transparent, so it's overlaying the whole screen. When you're done making cracks (which sometimes don't immediately show up, easily fixed by alt-tabbing in and out of the program a couple times) the pink area disappears once you hit 'h'.
Will there be a ClickDesk 2011 2012 20XX?
Eventually. Probably requires me getting Windows 7 so I can do proper testing in a modern environment.
Ok that sounds complicated I'll just use this wallpaper.
One, that's not a question.
Two, if you don't use a wallpaper exactly the resolution of the person's LCD, it won't line up with the pixels on the screen, causing the cracks to appear blurry and unrealistic. (Granted, this going to be a problem anyway if the victim isn't running the LCD's native resolution, but they likely won't notice the difference then.)
Three, using a wallpaper requires hiding things like the taskbar and desktop icons. This is also unrealistic. Most cracked LCDs will still display part of the image unless they're completely destroyed. Generally the image is not displayed along vertical lines which get stuck on a certain color or black/white. Both versions of ClickDesk will create a realistic simulation of what the screen would look like if it were actually cracked.
What's this warning about?
I discovered in late 2010 that someone was trying to distribute a "version" of ClickDesk that was "cracked". It contained a virus, and I'm not sure if it even operated as intended since I wasn't going to run it. This page is the only place to get ClickDesk. ClickDesk is free and will always be free to download and use. If you want to distribute it, link to this page. If you got ClickDesk from somewhere else, you probably can't trust the file(s). Still, I've provided the exact filesize and MD5 checksum of the proper files if you want to double-chcek anyway.
How do I know the versions here don't have a virus anyway?
Over 350,000 people have downloaded the two versions of ClickDesk combined. I have nothing to gain by distributing a virus (or trojan, worm, etc.) through what's supposed to be a harmless prank. If you don't want to trust a random exe off the internet then just don't download it. You can scan the files yourself and see that they are clean.
I have other questions/comments/complaints.
Leave all feedback at the ClickDesk page on Facebook. I'll do my best to respond to every comment.
I have disposable income and think this is awesome! How can I give you money?
If I've done this right there should be a little paypal 'donate' button right below this line:

If that didn't work, you may also want to check out my Bandcamp and buy some stuff off there.
Why does this page still look like something from 1995?
First of all if it was out of 1995 this page would be at http://geocities.com/clickdesk5829/ and have far more animated skull GIFs. Second of all this page is only relevant for about 3 weeks out of the year (the last 3 weeks of March, basically).

ClickDesk 2010

ClickDesk 2010 allows you to continue using your computer while the screen is cracked! Operation is similar to ClickDesk '09. There is a slight issue where the window might not update while cracking is going on, in this event just alt-tab out of the program and back in, and it should update the screen. Download ClickDesk 2010 below:

WARNING: There has been a fake version distributed of ClickDesk that contains a virus. Only download ClickDesk from xerol.org links. Clickdesk2.exe is 119808 bytes, with an MD5 of CE331CB9404A1E4F22DEFC1F0DEF3FD7.

ClickDesk '09

Oh crap what happened here?

ClickDesk is the perfect program for playing a prank on someone with a prized laptop or LCD monitor. Its operation is simple: Start the program, hide the window, then start clicking. The program takes a screenshot of the desktop and applies cracks, bubbles, and glitch lines to the image, and from just about any distance looks like something horrible happened to the screen.

Instructions are included with the program. The program has known issues with transparent desktop items like the vista sidebar, and will only run on the primary monitor if multiple monitors are in use.

Download ClickDesk below:

WARNING: There has been a fake version distributed of ClickDesk that contains a virus. Only download ClickDesk from xerol.org links. Clickdesk.exe is 123904 bytes, with an MD5 of 55E22811AB54D5CFD94EEFC2674DF459.